Jimi Hendrix Shreds Pavement

Newton with his Brompton M6ENewton.

From Queens with love.

Works at JFK.

Doesn’t blink at 50 mile rides.

Names his bikes after rock stars and luminaries.

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As we round a corner, pulling up a hill in Central Park, he tells me, “Peter, these Bromptons have changed my life.” We’re out here in the cool March afternoon to follow that passion.

Newton started out with a Xootr kick scooter. He rode it down mountain passes in South America. After that he moved to a Dahon Vector P8. That bike crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeking an easier carry on size he moved to a Brompton S6L Black, dubbed “James Brown.” James was Newton’s first racing Brompton. Adventurer. Liberator.

Flash forward – Lisbon. 2014 Portuguese Brompton Championships. Rain for the first time in months. It’s a cobble stone course. Lined up at the start, another rider smiles, looks over Newton’s thin tires, and says simply, “Kojaks… uh oh…”

Brompton S6E Berry CrushNewton blasts from the starting line and takes an early lead, staying close to the front. The course is lined with locals. Cheering. Heart pounding, the third lap already feels like the 8th. He rounds a tight corner and in a moment, he’s down. Damn slick cobbles! At the finish he gets lots of compliments for speed. “You might have placed 11th!” an enthusiastic racer says. So close!

Present day – the 2015 Brompton World Championship is on the rise and Newton is getting a jump start on the training season. James Brown is off revolutionizing the life of his new owner. Newton’s M6L Red/White “Otis Redding” and new super light M6E Berry Crush/Titanium “Jimi Hendrix” have taken the main stage. Otis is the work horse. Jimi is the rock star.

Making our second lap of the park, it’s clear Jimi is here to shred.

Newton’s M6E Berry Crush/Titanium Brompton features:
Inspiring nick name: “Jimi Hendrix”
Brooks Cambium Saddle – Brooks style without the harsh break-in period
NOV Titanium Hinge Clamp Levers – Black – Cooler look and custom style
NOV Racing Shock – Silver – Faster acceleration and less bouncy
MKS Removable pedals – Silver – Makes it just that much smaller, feels sturdier too
NOV Pedal holder for MKS – Gold – Where else would you put the pedal?
NOV Titanium handlebar catch – Looks light, is light
Brompfication Eazy Wheels – Black – Clean style
Brompfication Seat Clamps – Black – One less piece of plastic
Brompfication Rear frame clip – Silver –  Minimal look and feel
Ergon GP1 Grips – Awesome comfort for longer rides
Origin 8 Seat post – Black – custom

Newton rides his Brompton

Peter and Newton in Central Park

Brooks Cambium Saddle

Brooks Cambium Seat

NOV Hinges on Brompton

NOV Hinges on Brompton

Newton's BromptonLookbook

Berry Crush M6E Titanium

Bromptons in Central Park

Brompfication Hinge Clamps

MKS Pedal Holder

MKS Pedal Holder

Newton in Central Park

Newton's Brompton Folded Up

Brompton bike in Central Park

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