Race Day Red Brompton

PetDSC06847er is a cyclist. Whatever else happens, he’ll always be riding a bike. Today is the everyday bread and butter Brompton bike ride to work. This ride happens everyday, twice a day, because rolling on two wheels is the way to go… anywhere. 4 miles in and 4 miles home. 20 minutes any way you slice it. 20 minutes of fresh air, exercise, and zen-like zoning out to book end the work day.

This is Peter’s sport Brompton. It’s fast. It looks fast. Silk smooth Kojak tires. Race car red frame. Black carbon seat post. Silver brake cable bling. Everything is tuned for performance and – equally important – style. Red frame – screams sport. Black tires, seat post, crank set – all bespoked for bare high tech beauty. White seat, grips, carrier block – white shows dirt, white’s not practical, that’s why it’s there. Blue accents – offset the rest with subtle contrast. Red, black, white, blue. Yum.

The personality of Peter’s bike is centered 3 words: lightweight, performance, bling. Lightweight: Titanium frame, Brompfication hinge clamps, custom carbon seat post. Performance: FSA crank set, 60 tooth chainring, custom 2 speed shifter. Bling: White carrier block, silver Jagwire cable housings, blue Tune cappy seat mast topper.DSC06839

Folding bikes make good friends in New York. Reclaim precious square inches of floor space. Make 80 blocks disappear in 15 minutes. Escape the sensation of rush hour subway sardines. This is your taxi, your wings, your freedom.

Brompton is Peter’s way of moving and he’ll take that over anything else.


Peter’s Accessories:










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